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Paper Puppet Reuse :-)


A DIY worth doing with your young or older friends if you wish to relax together, have fun and let yourself free to express your random creation! You will be called to choose various materials, textures and colours and apply them in an easy and a bit surreal craft :-)! With clogs, colour pencils and/or glue combined with whatever paper-sources  you have available, you can make these fish that open their mouth, either for interaction and  playtime, or for decorating  your space by grabbing them on various elements around, use them as staples and many more uses. Above all though, this DIY is to get well tuned into summer mood, to forget a bit your worries and have fun!


1. Pick up papers, napkins, fabrics, magazines, newspapers
2. Grab your laptop, mobile, tablet to take a look at fish shapes and designs online.
3. Grab whatever glue you have. If you have simple paper glue, then you will wait for more time to dry. In case you wish to make your own glue click here.
4. Use whatever colours you have from watercolors to markers, everything becomes part of your creational processes.
5. Grab whatever reminds you of a fish eye. You can use various materials, such as ready-made eyes or beads, buttons or even ready-made nuts and legumes such as peanuts, chickpeas and lentils *.

x marker/pensil
x scissors
x glue gun
x colour markers

x paper (A4 & newspaper)
x clogs
x ready mady puppet eyes & beads*

Research 🙂



We took almost everything and off we go! Have a happy and sweet summer! Always with respect to nature, to yourself and to precious others <3

Photography Alexandros Makris

More DIY ideas follow for you 🙂

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Presenting your feelings 🙂 

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