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Personalise Your Denim Jacket!


If you live in a place like Greece and you still get  27 degrees Celcius during the day, then denim jackets are great for this time of the year!

Acrylic colours are suitable for fabrics. They are water-soluble and for this reason, they do not smell at all and they are considered to be safe for breathing them in, safe to the skin and the eyes. In many other types of colours we meet various solvents and substances, that make colours very effective in terms of coverage with fewer layers and less work, however, these release unpleasant fumes and they are not friendly to the skin. Certainly, “chemistry” makes the job easier,  but it is worth looking for friendlier and healthier colours in craft stores.

For this DIY – and ofcourse time depends on the size of your design – you will need about 15 minutes !


x carbon paper – I bet it has been a while since the last time you touched some carbon paper 🙂 ))

x pen

x acrylics – apply them either with a brush or straight as a marker


x Your denim and your design!

Let’s DIY do it!

Place your carbon paper onto the denim and then place your design on top. In other words, sandwich your carbon between your denim and your design!

Get your pen and start copying the design!

The outline of the design is transferred now onto the denim! It is time to grab your colours and start the fun part!

A few white highlights will increase the contrast and make your design on denim look fresher!

Your denim is ready! Choose your designs and carry on bringing your “signature style” in your wardrobe! Enjoy!

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis

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