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Playing with Lengths & Style


You can add fabrics to hems, sleeve ends, collars, bottoms of jackets and generally at any “ending” on clothes, altering this way the length and the style of the garment.

You can use wovens such as denim and canvas or you can use knitts, like light and heavyweight jerseys. With wovens, you have more work to do in terms of finishing the edges so they won’t fray, while jersey is an ideal material for additions as you can simply measure how much you want to add and then you just cut it accordingly, without worrying about the “raw edges” of the addition. Elastic lace usually has these characteristics material and thus you can just cut it and easily add it to the point of the garment you wish. In order to fix it, you can choose between hand sewing, machine sewn and adhesive such as a sticky tape, fabric and double-sided interfaces. See below how to make it in a no-sew idea. Just by ironing the so-called spider tape (a form of double-sided adhesive tape). Good luck 🙂

Let’s DIY doit!

x iron
x measuring tape
x pins

x spider tape

x70 centimeters lace

TIP on REUSE: Lace lace can be found in old curtains, tablecloths, rugs, pillowcases, lingerie.


More DIY topics on objects and reuse follow below 🙂

Easy going neck-strap!

Reuse fpr organising your stuff. DIY a multiple space case. 

Reuse pillowcases into a bag!

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Take good care of yourselves and precious others!

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis & Alexandros Makris

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