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The popular “R’s”, a mindful way of living


Before you actually proceed in any purchase or even in any DIY plan, where everything could be made from scratch, think and evaluate the potential use of what you already have. Sometimes simple repairs, restorations, can reduce the amount of useless consumption, serve your need even better, and could be redesigned into a new beautiful item or as a reused part and, or material. Furthermore, check out for forward-thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and thus are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels. Having a good understanding of common recycling symbols can better serve the best interests of recycling and our environment for all. Read more about the standardized tringle symbols here & find more relevant eco-friendly readings here.

The  most common “R’s” are :


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What are the “R’s”

All “R’s” really, symbolize all those little things we can do in our everyday life, making life better for ourselves, for the others and for the ‘whole’.  Try and see where you could use the “R’s”, observe yourself, be mindful, maybe you will discover, you really like using the “R’s” consciously and feel really good about it! Maybe you will feel like having super powers and becoming a super hero!

Who knows? One thing is for sure though: acting small scale can make a change! «The power of a lot of people acting correctly is the most important thing» says Darby Hoover, an NRDC senior resource specialist. The “R’s” can be helpful to you, your community, and the environment by creating a common good, a common benefit for all. It is most probable that you will realize saving money, energy, natural resources, while at the same time you will probably enjoy more your time, your personalized items and you will come closer to yourself and to others.

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Sculpture of giant squid monster, the Kraken

Made by reusing wooden pallets while nails and screws were used for the joining. nails, and screws.

Photo taken at the Monster is on Fire “The Kraken”, Melegnano, Milan, Italy, 2015

Kraken:   in Greek Mythology, is a sea monster of tremendous size and strength. It was born from the titans Oceanus and Ceto, both entities of the sea.

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From pallets to a palace…

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Take good care of yourselves and precious others!