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Postvacationism! Mosaic of Trash & Litter!

You may also be saying goodbye to beautiful beaches and places these days completing a wonderful vacation before heading back to your default world. Unfortunately, apart from the good vibes and memories, some of us, are taking back home awful images full of… trash! Rubbish on the streets, sidewalks, pavements, beaches, sea … rubbish without tomorrow like being part of an avant garde art installation! No gratitude to Mother Nature, who is generously only providing.

Now, that so many holiday-places have been littered and raped, me, him, her, you can actually do something about it! Get a box, a bag, a glass or even your pockets, and fill them with some of these small, immortal plastics!  And yes, I know, we blame municipalities, local governments, Will Smith and his daughter, Sanitas Brand, private schools or supermarkets … but, for heaven’s sake, it is a matter of basic education in public space; it is a matter of common sense, of culture! It is inconceivable that some people can eat, drink, unpack anything, and I really mean anything, and then, they just throw away their rubbish, no matter where! As long as there are people so naive or so outrageously ignorant, we have to give a hand! Even a small hand! Otherwise, if all these damn plastic, is not recycled, then it will just stay there forever!

Plastic, unfortunately, cannot be dissolved as it is almost indestructible. Furthermore, plastic with the hot rays of the sun decomposes and it becomes small particles – microplastic, which ends up everywhere in the air and the water and it cannot be controlled in any way!

If you wish to see how rubbish is recycled click HERE. If you are interested to see how all these contribute to a greater scale to the planet read HERE and if you wish to get a deeper understanding on your personal environmental behavior, you can read HERE, while you can also take a personal Carbon Footprint test.

Apart from the “obvious” rubbish, there are some, more sneaky ones! Those who, because they are tiny or unpacked, are conceived as innocent and they are recklessly just thrown away – by some– wherever that is! Cigarette stubs are such rubbish. They are extremely harmful since they take 4 to 12 years to decompose and during decomposition they leave toxic pollutants, poisoning the earth. In France, there is fine if someone is caught flicking a cigarette stub on the streets! Fear of financial loss is used, in order, for people to change their bad habit regarding stubs!

Pocket ashtrays are a prerequisite for a smoker!

Easy solutions: cans/boxes of candy, sweets, old make-up packages, food containers, and miniatures, etc. They provide a safe environment to put off your cigarette at any time and at any place!

Portable ashtray – gift from the – Garden of Joy –  Barrio @Nowhere Festival 

Portable ashtray – metallic box from candies

The wristband is a MAKE OVER of an Old Plastic Bracelet!




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