Search for content, post, videos believes in the beauty and the strength of effectiveness created by a community! We are here to explore a journey into creation with a mindful stand towards cutting old habits and sewing new ones, better for all and for «the Whole». Everything we hear that contributes to that state of mind and action definitely worth’s sharing through this platform. Feel free to share whatever you feel is relevant to our values!


We have no formal membership, anyone who would like to be a member of our community is a member. There are many ways of participating in our community and each person is encouraged to find a way that works best for him or herself.

All members are welcome to our events and can bring friends. We organize activities such as crafting sessions, walks around Acropolis, walks down town Athens to meet suppliers and materials, yoga sessions at the park, meditation, picnics with crafts and generally activities to treat our body and soul!


Our open community loves creative paths and journeys, while through creation and mindfulness, we experience together goodness InsideOut.


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We have just started! All the work will keep running smoothly by our team and volunteers. Volunteering is an opportunity to participate, to meet other members, share exchange ideas, views, information, while it fosters the community.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

x Creative writing and publishing on relevant topics


x Taking photos inspired by Wakeupcut


x Helping other crafters document their art with video, photos and editing


x Editing DIY material


x Sharing ideas for events, planning and managing


x Helping out in our activities and events


x Sharing your personal art and crafts through audio/visual material

If you’re interested in the above, ring our bell! We will get back to you and start planning together.


Send us YourDIY ideas and to share with us. The theme is free, you can upload videos, step by step or even relative links. The topics can range from crafting, hairtricks, gear, decorations, even simple tips to share with