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Transform Your Scarf Into a Gilet!


I know that one of your cover-ups is your favorite and no matter how many you end up getting, this remains your classic choice! Between your scarves, your cover-ups and pareos, you find some of them that you don’t like perhaps the fabric, or you can not easily combine with the rest of your wardrobe items, or for some other reason, you are just not wearing that often! This DIY is ideal to reuse such “redundant” items in a new way so you can wear them again! The old scarves & handkerchiefs become long, boho vests to be worn into new summer adventures!

You may find it difficult to believe it, but by simply creating 2 openings,  your vest is ready!

Visit your inventory list (COLLECT4LIST, THINK4REUSE), find those forgotten treasures and start your recycling of materials! It worth’s it!

Let’s DIY Do IT!

a pair of scissors
x tape measure
x fabric marker
x needle & thread (optional)

Raw Materials
x your cover-up / scarf

First, measure the length (width) of your back with the measuring tape.

Then lay your scarf flat and fold it  in the middle, transfer the measurement of the the back onto the fabric (divide it first by 2, since you are working on the half of your vests back) and measure about 20-22 cm under the finish top line  (the top line is what will become your neck-line)

Now you are making the holes for the arms. Measure about 15 centimeters down on a straight line.

Cut now the armholes with your scissors.

You are almost ready to create your new outfit!

Your fabric frays and you wish to secure the edges, then fold twice your arm edges, about 1 centimeter each time,  iron it and the stitch it as if you were stitching a hemline. This stitch is flexible and it will embrace nicely the curve of the armhole, while it stays invisible on the right side of your vest.

Place your new gilet in a pillowcase to wash it, while you are protecting it at the same time and … go running towards the sea… lol, xxx

Photography  Giorgos Anastoulis 

If you like using your mind and hands to design and build items for your self, then you will definitely enjoy the article “How to decide on your raw materials” where you can read all about decision-making processes in crafts!

How to best choose your raw materials

After the raws are selected then it’s the tools’ turn 🙂


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