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Waking up

The first official WAKEUPCUT video. Art direction & video by Giorgos Anastoulis, animated outro by Susami.



Somewhere in the city of Athens …

Below most of the places we visited
for the film’s shots are presented,
along with their stigma on the map.
The presentation starts with the
shots in the city where
WAKEUPCUT is asleep.




Somewhere in the land of Greece

In the video WAKEUPCUT wakes up in nature, and in the forest of Séich Sou located in the city of Thessaloniki in Central Macedonia. In 1997 the forest was seriously damaged by fire. On July the 6th at around 15.30, while the thermometer was at 39 degrees Celsius with southwesterly intensive winds, reaching 5 knots, the fire department of the city received an anonymous phone call about the fire. When the airplane went up it was 15.50 and already 4 fire sources were identified, while until 16.00 the fire front already stretched to a length of 600-1000 meters. Eventually, almost the 50% of the total area of the cedar Hill was burned.


Video Αrt & Sound by Giorgos Anastoulis

Animated Outro by Susami

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